Tuesday, 18 July 2017

What you can buy from Bitcoin?

In all previous article, you have been reading about bitcoin and bitcoin exchange in India. You buy bitcoin choosing the best bitcoin exchange in India but have you thought what else you can do from your bitcoin.

Things and services you can Buy using bitcoin

1. Online Retailers: There are many e-commerce websites who accept payment in bitcoin. From these websites, you can purchase every thing from goods to services spending your bitcoin.

2. Airlines: The airline of Japan and California are also allowing their passengers to purchase a ticket from bitcoin.

3. Restuarant: As the awareness is increasing people are stepping forward from India also to adopt bitcoin payment mode. The restaurant owner in Banglore has started collecting Bitcoin as payment from a few years back.

The bitcoin exchanges in India also offer you to purchase Bitcoin gift card. This gift card is only available with one the best bitcoin exchange in India which is Bitxoxo. You can purchase any things from India and across the sea using your gift card.

One of the most exciting asset to buy using bitcoin is altcoins. You can also buy other cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin at the best bitcoin rate you get it and earn a profit.

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