Monday, 24 July 2017

Why use Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin

The brand new form of the currency is bitcoin. It does not have any physical appearance. There are many cryptocurrencies or digital asset such as bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, dash etc. And these all digital currencies have a similar feature.

These digital currencies run electronically. The bitcoin is the first digital currency created by the programmer Satoshi Nakamoto. There is much reason to use bitcoin in your daily life from which few I'm going to share with you all in this article.

When we buy bitcoin in India from the best bitcoin exchange in India. It gives you all fast and secure services. You can also get best bitcoin rate sometimes with huge transactions.

Safe Transaction

The transaction made using bitcoin and blockchain the chain on which the bitcoin operates is entirely safe. No one can steal your funds in between or cheat. The most convenient factor with bitcoin is you don't have to fill each and every detail or your card for a transaction like you use to do with debit or credit card which is unsafe online.

Cheap Transaction Fee

The fees for sending and receiving funds anywhere around the globe is very low and in some bitcoin exchange in India like bitxoxo they, not even charge transaction fee.

Fast Service

The transaction made from one point to another point that is miles away can be received within few minutes. No wastage of time and traveling from one bank to another.

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