Monday, 21 August 2017

Government on Cryptocurrency- BItcoin

It has been a long time now since cryptocurrency bitcoin is been traded and used as an investment vehicle in India. Few month ago India government woke up suddenly to focus and check on the huge money transfer from one place to another.

The Best bitcoin exchange in India such as Bitxoxo, Unocoin and Zebpay with many other contacted India government to discuss the matter on the topic of operation bitcoin exchange and buy and sell bitcoin in India. 

Indian government formed a committee to keep an any on the bitcoin operations and find out all the positive and negative traits of the digital currency. They also performed many campaigns among the people on social media like voting in and against bitcoin. Government interest increased more when they observed like many Indians used to Buy bitcoin in India using Best Bitcoin exchange in India.

The Finance Minister of the Country took several press conference regarding the bitcoin. The Best Bitcoin exchange in India Bitxoxo and Zebpay have been leading in the industry with increasing users to Buy and Sell bitcoin in India.  Although to Buy Bitcoin in India the safest way is to pitch Best Bitcoin Exchange in India.

Though the people are not very much aware of the cryptocurrency in India but the government has neither ban nor regulated the bitcoin in India. Anyone can freely buy and sell bitcoin in India. As there is no harm to invest in the profitable asset to make your future better.

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