Wednesday, 5 July 2017

How to Make Bitcoin Payment?

Now when every country is using Bitcoin as a mode of payment with other payment gateways. It is important that each one of us should be aware of this small move and operating system using bitcoin.

Making payment in bitcoin is not much difficult. The first step is to have your account open in the best bitcoin exchange in India choosing from many of the bitcoin exchange in India available and operating. Differentiate them with their service and security they provide to their users. The most import is to keep an eye on the best bitcoin rate available to the bitcoin exchange. Personally, I have used Coinsecure but now switched to Bitxoxo. As they provide 24x7 customer support and instant transactions and bitcoin.

You can make bitcoin payment using your credit and debit card. It can be done by bitcoin wallet, bitcoin app, and bitcoin website. You just need to enter the receipt's address, the amount you want to send and the final step pressing the send button you are done. This is also the sam process to receive the bitcoin send someone to you.

To make it more simple you can even scan the QR code from your mobile cam and send the bitcoin as the address automatic come to your receipts address box.

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