Friday, 21 July 2017

Keeping Your Bitcoins in Bitcoin Exchange

When people are getting aware of the bitcoin the multiple questions come in their minds such as where should you buy bitcoin in India, how can you sell bitcoin in India, where to keep it safe, and much more.

Today's article is on how to keep your bitcoin safe are they safe in bitcoin exchange in India or your best bitcoin exchange in India. That also offers you the best bitcoin rate to buy and sell bitcoin in India in comparison to other bitcoin exchange.

Security is the first thing that comes to any trader or investor dealing in cryptocurrency or digital asset. As the technology for good and better future of ours is changing. There is also a reverse side of this upgrading technologies.

As most of the bitcoin exchanges in inida are getting the latest and more secure platform for their customers to trade and invest with no stress. Lately, the bitcoin exchanges in India shut their platform for their services. In order to deal with hacking and upgrade their software in which the bitcoin exchanges like bitxoxo, unocoin and coinsecure are also coming.

It is not always safe to hold your bitcoin in the exchanges you are dealing with. Try to get the bitcoin wallet from your exchange whether it is hot or cold wallet the choice is totally on you.And store your coins in the wallet with double authentication.

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