Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India

As the bitcoin price increasing day by day. Reaching almost 300% rise in the cryptocurrency within a year. The positive reach of cryptocurrency is becoming the most loved investment vehicle among the youth and professional nowadays.

There are many if's and buts in to buy and sell bitcoin in India. Whether you buy bitcoin or hold them in your bitcoin wallet. Is it safe? Yes, it is safe but only then, when you reach the best bitcoin exchange in India or in any other country. There are few best bitcoin exchanges in India to buy bitcoin are:

Bitxoxo is the fastest growing bitcoin exchange in India. The exchange is popular for its fast service and easy interface among its customers. They provide 24x7 customer service and support with zero percent fee for transactions on Bitxoxo. You need to verify urself document like KYC, PAN or Adhar Card to trade, buy and sell bitcoin.

Unocoin is also among the best bitcoin exchange in India. You can buy, sell bitcoin in India using their mobile App available on both Android and IOS users. The service is quick and convenient with al legal formalities first to be completed.

Zebpay is the wallet provider bitcoin exchange in India. You can store your bitcoins in the bitcoin wallet provided by the zebpay after you buy bitcoin. The protection is provided on its both Android and IOS app for its customers.


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