Monday, 12 June 2017

Types of Bitcoin Wallet

After buying the best bitcoin rate in India are you confused where to store your bitcoins. No worries here is the solution to you. Bitcoin wallets are similar to the wallet in which you store your fiat currency. The wallet that helps you to send and receive bitcoin in minutes to the person sitting miles away from you in his wallet. You can easily get them from the available bitcoin exchange in India.
These wallets are operated with keys. There are two kinds of keys such as:

1. Private Key
2. Public Key

The private key owns the account holder to access his/her account privately. Whereas the public key the key which is used by the user to send and receive bitcoin.

There are 3 different types of Bitcoin Wallet

1. Cold wallet

They are the most secure bitcoin wallets as they operate offline and allows to store a large amount of bitcoin in the wallet. The bitcoin wallets are not connected to the internet.

2. Mobile Wallet

Use your smartphones as a wallet and the convenient way to send and receive bitcoin without opening your laptop. The bitcoin wallet mobile has enhanced security system with QR code capability.

3. Online Wallet

Online wallets are the easiest wallet to use. This wallet comes in the hot wallet category. With the online wallet, you can access your account on multiple devices easily as they are all time connected with the internet. Blockchain .info and coinbase are some of the service providers to the online wallet.

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