Thursday, 8 June 2017

Bitcoin Legal or Illegal in India

Bitcoin a decentralized currency. The cryptocurrency that can be earned from various ways and most important needs the safe platform to operations.

The India government is examining the bitcoin for which they have formed a committee taking high profile officials from every important segment of India authorities like banks, income tax, politics, department of finance, etc. 

The Central government had not said anything about the digital currency, not even the matter of banning it in India has been raise. The bitcoin is still operating in India. Day by day the people's trust of bitcoin is developing which is leading to the high volume trade and demand mostly from the young professionals. The people are looking for the best bitcoin exchange in India to buy and sell bitcoin in India. Also the best bitcoin rates from the bitcoin exchange.

Recently the post has been got viral on social media page Twitter by one of the members of the committee to vote for the bitcoin to be legal or illegal by the comment and suggestion of India citizens. 

It is sure that India government is keeping a track of every affair taking place in cryptocurrency market. Either it's an increasing trade volume of bitcoin from Japan and China or the Russian government move.

The bitcoin exchange in India are hoping for the positive result comes from the government as the best bitcoin exchange in India have formed an association named as DABFI through which they are willing to help India government to understand the cryptocurrency well.

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