Friday, 9 June 2017

What is Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin wallet works as a safe place to your bitcoin. Protection from hackers and any other illegal thefts. The bitcoin wallets are similar to the bank saving accounts where you store your money safely and without any stress.

Bitcoin wallets allow you to send, receive and hold your bitcoins in your wallets. Mostly bitcoin exchange in India and other countries provide bitcoin wallet to their customers.

If you buy bitcoin after searching for the best bitcoin rate in India and from the best bitcoin exchange in India. You should take off some time to have the bitcoin wallet. It only takes few minutes to get started. You need the email address and password to send and receive bitcoin using your bitcoin wallet.

While singing in your bitcoin wallet it gives you the unique wallet address. Which is not to be shared with anyone. It is similar to you bank account number. This unique code consists of 34 digits (numbers and letters both upper and lower case).

There are four types of bitcoin wallets such as:

1. Browser based wallet
2. Desktop wallet
3. Mobile wallet and
4. Hardware wallets

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