Thursday, 18 May 2017

Indian Citizens Investment in Bitcoin Increased

The number of people investing in bitcoin is increasing every day. In spite, the government remains silent over the regulation of bitcoin in India.

The digital currency bitcoin allows people to transfer funds online with a high speed and without any interference of the third party such as bank or money transfer companies.

According to one of the bitcoin exchange in India, its adding 2,500 users to its website daily. These increasing numbers show the growth and awareness of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies among the people of India.

Bitcoin becoming the most valuable asset for people these days in comparison to gold, the digital currency gives best bitcoin rate of 1,822 USD according to coindesk today's report. which is much higher than an ounce of gold.

People prefer to buy bitcoin from the best bitcoin exchange in India. You can even hold your bitcoin in bitcoin wallet provided by bitcoin exchange in India or can buy other cryptocurrency using bitcoin.

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