Friday, 12 May 2017

Choosing a Best Bitcoin Exchange in India

While choosing the bitcoin exchange in India you need to know few important factors that can help you to select the perfect exchange as per your need.


Privacy is a very important factor while you trade using any of the trading platforms. There are multiple options to buy bitcoin in India but mostly used are via bank transfer or cash deposit that keep your purchase private.

Buying Limit

If your requirement for the bitcoin is huge. You need to select the exchange which is capable of fulfilling your need of bitcoin. Many exchanges have set their buy limit on their interface to buy bitcoin to some extent.


Speed is also one of the main factors in this industry. One should need to check how fast his cash is converted into bitcoin. The payment method you use to buy or sell bitcoin can also affect your speed of receiving bitcoin.

Reputation of Exchange

Before choosing a best bitcoin exchange you need to check out the reviews for the specific exchange. Don't forget to see for how long the exchange is in service.

Exchange rate

There is no specific price for the bitcoin. You can check coindesk or any other website suits you to monitor price. Now see the exchange you have chosen to trade, is it giving you the best bitcoin rate to buy bitcoin.

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