Friday, 19 May 2017

Bitcoin and Best Bitcoin Exchange in India

Bitcoin as most of us now are aware of this virtual currency. Hence, a short brief about the most popular currency with the highest growth rate all over the country is necessary for the newcomers.

The bitcoin is a virtual currency no one regulates or monitor it. The operation such as trading and transaction are done electronically over the web. It uses peer-to-peer networking. The cryptocurrencies are used by people is different from the fiat currency of any country. Bitcoin is originally mined. The mining is a process done using software and solving the mathematical equation to get a block from which the bitcoin is generated.

The mining of bitcoin is done single-handedly or the other method is pool mining. In return, the miners get the bitcoin as a reward for their hard work. The best bitcoin rate these days are making miners more dedicated towards their work.

There are multiple exchanges in India, but today will mention below few of the best bitcoin exchange in India that is really helpful and great to use for the trading purpose. Giving the best bitcoin rate for your investment.


Bitxoxo is the fastest growing bitcoin exchange in India with an easy and user-friendly platform for the users. They provide you the best bitcoin rate with 0% fees to buy or sell bitcoin in India. The customer support is open 365 days and 24x7 to resolve the query of their customer.


Coinsecure is a good trading platform. It charges fees of 0.3% to buy bitcoin every time of your purchase or sell. They also provide the video service for the customer to understand their interface.


The Localbitcoin exchange offers the cash deposit to buy or sell bitcoin in India. They transaction through cash done privately for trading.

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