Thursday, 24 August 2017

Bitcoin and BItcoin Wallet in India

When you buy Bitcoin on the Best Bitcoin Rate available on bitcoin exchange in India. One thing always clicks every bitcoin users that is what could be the safest place to store my bitcoin. Whether you buy, sell or exchange the bitcoin you need to first store it for later use.

To solve this problem every Best Bitcoin exchange in Indian gets a digital wallet or Bitcoin wallet for its user to hold its coin.  Similarly like virtual currency there are virtual wallet. These wallet work as a safe guard to your coins. Like for saving your cash in local currency you go to a bank and open account to store your money. These wallets are same like your bank account.

There are multiple coins safe bitcoin wallet available with the bitcoin exchange in India are as follows:

Mobile Wallet

These wallets are very handy. Simply you need to download the POS service using your smartphone, provided by your exchange and you scan the QR code of the merchant you need to pay in Bitcoin. The bitcoin will be transferred from your wallet to the merchant's address. The very first Bitcoin exchange in India to provide this service is Bitxoxo exchange.

Online Wallet

Many Bitcoin Exchange offers these online wallets to its consumer. you can avail this service just by login into your Best Bitcoin Exchange in India. You can use these online wallets anytime and from anywhere.

Desktop Wallet

The desktop wallets are also known as software wallet that is downloaded and installed to your desktop. These type of wallets are available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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